Hi!  My name is Lance and you can call me THE NIGHT NERD! unless you see me in public then just call me Lance.  This is the start of something awesome.  The plan is for me to give you almost daily updates of what's going on in nerd culture.  I am already setting up some amazing guests and series.  Here is what you can look forward to:

Monday - Videogames
                  I'll let you know what is about to be released and what I'm playing.
Tuesday - Movies and TV
                 What's going on in all your favorite shows (or at least the ones I watch)? Find out here.
Wednesday - Comics
                 The middle of the week brings us our favorite graphic tales.
Thursday - Throwbacks!
                 We will look at something nerdy from the past as we relive great memories.
Friday - Fan day!
                Send a topic idea to [email protected] during the week.  If I pick it you get a prize.
Saturday - Review
                A longer show where we go over what's been going on.  I answer your questions and sometimes we have guest.

That's how it goes.  I am really excited about this and want to thank you for coming along for the ride.